Hello, we are pindAI

pindAI is a technology startup initiative, focuses on visual artificial intelligence, IoT and system development.
Based on the principles of trust, quality and responsibility, we strive to deliver innovative technology for every client using a personal approach.


Artificial intelligence

Improve your customer experience or use insights and predictions to boost your business with visual computing, face recognition and machine learning. Now the Jarvis is yours!


Wherever the internet is connected, you can control and automate any device to make sure your products and services are always delivered on scheduled. Or maybe it’s time to make money while you sleep.

System Development

When you need this, it means your business is growing. Let’s be thankful and just tell us what you need. We will always get back to you with solutions. Remember, innovation has never become our limit.

Big Data Development

Any size of data is valuable. Don’t wait to analyze until you have enough data. You might be surprised to find out that your valuable business intelligence is already there, and we will tell you the secrets how to find it ;)

Our Team

Our team philosophy lies in our hard work and solving tasks only by the best means. We strongly believe that technology implementations should be backed up by continuous development and responsive support. Such philosophy transcends every little thing that we do and every service that we provide, helping the businesses like yours grow.